Wednesday, June 05, 2013

10 min Mushroom Bibimbab 10분완성 버섯 비빔밥

Hi, everyone!
It's been ages I haven't even touched this blog.
The main reason is because I have another handful Korean blog 
which has over 5K subscribers.
In addition to that, to be honest with you. Google doesn't protect my images very well so that I have to put watermarks on all of my pictures.
Well, at some point I'll do that but I really don't have much time now.
Ever since I found that fact, I've been hesitating to come back.
Anyhow, I missed you guys so much, no matter who you are, my readers :)

Today, I'd like to share simple bibimbab recipe.
I guarantee you that you can make it in 10 minutes if you have cooked rice.
Isn't it amazing?
I make this when I really don't have time but craving some spicy healthy Korean food.
All you guys have that moment, right? ;)
Let's start.

<Ingredients-for 2>
Oyster mushroom -half pack
Inoki mushroom - 1pack
(any kind of mushroom is ok)
Sesame oil -2Tbs
Salt & Pepper -just a pinch

2 bowls of cooked rice 
2 organic eggs
Gochujang=pepper paste (as much as you can handle)
Sushi seaweed-optional
Chopped green onion-optional

On medium heat, stir fry mushroom with sesame oil.
Add just a pinch of salt and pepper.
Since Gochujang is salty, try not to add too much.
Cook mushroom until all the water from the mushroom evaporated.
(Little longer than the photo above)
While you cook mushroom, make egg fry on the other pan.

In large bowl, add cooked rice, egg fry on top.
Then add mushroom, Gochujang, seaweed.
Sprinkle chopped green onion if you have.(I didn't)

Mix well and eat.
Did you know the word 'bibim' means 'to mix'?
You can make bibimbab with a lot of different ingredients.
Please enjoy my older posts of bibimbab.

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I hope you have a wonderful day.
Thank you for reading.

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