Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Magic Sauce Vol.03 회덮밥(Huidubab)-Korean style chirashi sushi rice

One of the reason why I love living in Hawaii is Fresh Ahi(wild tuna) sashimi.
In Korea and Japan, we usually eat frozen tuna. In the contrast, here in Hawaii, Fresh tuna is really cheap and easy to get.
We are going to make Korean style chirashi sushi today. The differences between nigiri sushi and chirashi sushi is just the way you eat. Nigiri sushi is small rice piece with a piece of sashimi and chirashi sushi is sushi rice topped with sashimi. However, Korean chirashi rice is a little bit different. It is more like a kind of bibimbab(vegitable mixed rice with chili pepper sauce). I think it is just because Korean always need vegitables and spicy sauce with their meal. Anyway, this is a really fresh and yummy food and it only takes 5-10 minutes if you still have your magic sauce.
Whenever you have steamed shrimp or steamed calamari or any kind of sushi, you can make it real quick!
Let's start.

Tuna Huedubab-Tuna chirashi sushi

T-Table spoon
t-tea spoon

Cooked rice-1bowl
Vegetable shred - carrot and romain lettuce recommended(soft and crunch)
Sashimi - any kind. not seasoned
Magic sauce - 2~3T
Vinegar - 3t

How to?>
-Shred cut all vegitables
-Cut sashimi into sushi size
-Mix the magic sauce and vinegar. If your sauce is dried, you may add some water to make it smoother. (it should be ketchup thickness)

How to eat?>
-Prepare big bowl and put warm rice.
-Vegetable shred on the top of the rice.
-Put the sashimi and mix everything with the sauce.
-Eat it right after you make it so that the fish can still fresh.

This is one of my favorite meal. If you like bibimbab and sashimi, you will definetly like this one. Easy and fresh and healthy. Do I need to say more?
Just try it, do not hesitate any more.

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