Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magic Sauce Vol.02 참치 비빔밥(Tuna Bibimbab)-Tuna Vegitable Rice

Have you tried to make my magic sauce?
I hope you have enough sauce to try 5 more new recipes with the sauce.

Bibimbab is very yummy and famous Korean food. However, cooking namul(steamed vegitables) takes long time because you must cook and season each namul seperately.
Even for me, it takes about two hours to preparing all the ingredients.

Here is a better recipe for us. I am going to use fresh vegitable instead of steamed and seasoned one. No wonder I use my magic sauce. Now it only takes 15 minutes to make yummy fresh bibimbab!!!!!!

Tuna Bibimbab

T-Table spoon
t-tea spoon

Rice, cooked - 1small bowl
Lettus(any kind) - shred
Cabage - shred
Carrot - shred
Egg - fried-1

Tuna sauce ingredients>
About 2Ts of Magic Sauce (http://krecipe.blogspot.com/2011/05/magic-sauce-vol01-dukbokispicy-rice.html )
Sesame oil - 1T
1 Small Tuna can-squeezed
Kimchi - chopped and squeezed 3T

-Cook the rice.
-You can add any kind of vegitables for this recipe. Just wash it and shred it.(you may use fresh coleslaw salad mix)
-Put tuna and kimchi and sesame oil into the magic sauce and mix it. Don't forget to  squeeze kimchi and tuna.
-fry an egg.

How to eat?>
Put the cooked warm rice in the big bowl. Add vegitables as many as you want.
Egg on the top. You may add nori(sushi sea weeds) slice as a topping.
Mix it with the tuna sauce. Try it while you mix it. You may add more sauce(if it is blend) or more rice(if it is salty).

This is  soooooo easy as long as you have the magic sauce.
And I garantee the good taste!
When you have no idea for the dinner and you have some vegitables in your freezer, you can make this. You always have eggs and canned tuna, right?
I am telling you this just in case. You only can make it with tuna. please don't try salmon...:)

Nom nom nom!!! My mouth is watering!!!

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