Friday, September 21, 2012

Cafe Julia at YWCA - Korean Inspired Menu

Today, I'd like to introduce you a quaint lunch spot in down town, Honolulu.
When I heard it's located inside of  YWCA, I couldn't excited more.
As they named the restaurant "Cafe Julia", 
the famous Julia Morgan was the architecture of that beautiful building.
I think a female architecture built YWCA is such a meaningful fact.
Needless to say that the result is stunning.

Cafe Julia @YWCA Laniakea

Even before I visit, I've decided to order this Korean style grilled beef.
I have no idea what's the nationality of the chef 
but I know kimchee and steak are match made from the heaven.

We had to wait for 10 minutes on the bench which was ok.
They have quite enough seats to handle many customers.

You can either seat inside of this classic building, 

or seat outside to enjoy the sun.

Hello, menu!
Do I need to read you?
I've memorized already!!!! Bahahahaha!

I found that all the menus are kind of Asian fusion.
I'd like to try Loco Moco and Vietnamese or Filipino inspired menu next time.

They have daily special too.
We picked salad and pasta from them.

 Our drinks!!!
I tried lilikoi cooler which was really nice and tart.
Bit sweet for me but was very awakening :)

Grilled Korean-style marinated beef
This was really good.
Of course the kimchee was Hawaiian local style but was still good.
The kalbi meat cooked nicely and I liked that there was a lot of local vegetables.
I only can enjoy meat when I have salad or kimchee...
hehe this menu was just right for me!

Big Island made smoke pork spicy tomato penne pasta
 The smoked pork was similar to the dried pork which
you can buy from Tamura's poke stand.
This pasta was ok. Not outstanding but worked great with our other dishes.

Korean inspired tofu salad
 This salad, really cracked us up.
(Us means two Korean and one Chinese who used to live in Korea)
The chef used pepper sauce marinated dried fish on the top...
It's really common pupu in Korea. 
Seriously nobody can charge for that in Korea since it's on the free pupu list :)
And dakuan? really? 
However, the interesting part was the bottom.
It had sweet soymilk panna cotta bed under it. 
All together it tasted quite nice.
After I've tried this menu, I wanted to meet the chef.
He must be super creative and not scared of trying new things.
And I'd like to hear other non Korean people's review for this salad~

This beef comes with one bowl of white/brown rice.
Their brown rice is really undercooked. Please go for white rice.

 Nom nom nom nom nom!!!

Finding a refreshing new place in downtown?
This place is a must try.
Thank you for reading.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Cafe Julia
1040 Richards St.
Honolulu, HI 96813

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