Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watermelon Rind Salad (수박 나물), Bibimbab (수박나물 비빔밥)

Hi everyone!
As Hawaii doesn't have any other season than summer, 
watermelon is one of the most favorite fruits of islanders.

Then how about the watermelon rind?
Have you ever considered to eat them?
It's not very popular but Korean do eat watermelon rind.
Which is similar to cucumber and green papaya.
I'd like to share a watermelon rind salad (namul) recipe today.

Watermelon rind salad

watermelon rind - 1/4 from big watermelon
salt -1/2 Tb
magic sauce - 2Tb

<<for the Magic Sauce>>
Gochujang(Korean pepper paste) 2Tb
Sugar 1Tb
Shoyu 1ts
Minced garlic 1ts
Sesame seed(if you have)

-Please search more exciting recipes using this 'magic sauce' from my blog


 Peel the rind very carefully. 
The outside is bit hard to chew. Use sharp knife, not the peeler.
Get rid of all the red inside too.

Slice them very thin.

Sprinkle salt and wait over 30min for osmotic pressure.  

When the rind turn to transferent, squeze them well.

Put them in a bowl,

Mix them with the magic sauce.

Now it's yummy, crunch, sweet and spicy watermelon rind salad!!!

Whwnever I make this salad, I make bibimbab.
Rice, vegetables, watermelon rind salad, sunny side up!!

Add magic sauce for better taste.


Want a bite?
Ok, now I'm hungry.
I made this last week so I don't have it either now;)

Hope you have a wonderful day today.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Please follow and share my recipe with your friends whose interested in Korean food.

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