Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coco Ichibanya Curry Recipe 코코 이찌방야 카레


I just started Instagram and that means a shy come back to my blog.
Please search Krecipe or Alohagirl in London on Instagram.

A lot of things happened to me last year including international moving.
Although I don't live in Hawaii anymore, it is always proper to say Aloha to my value readers<3

There will be some changes on my blog.
As I already have a huge Korean blog, it has been quite difficult to maintain this blog although I would love to connect with some global readers.
So I decided to cut down some photos but will try to describe better with the text.
In addition to that, I will not hesitate to post non-Korean recipes if I think it's well worth to try for you.

Are you ready for a brand new, more exciting Krecipe?
Let's start with a well known Japanese curry chain, Coco Ichibanya recipe.

Did you happen to try Coco Ichibanya curry?
When I first tried CoCo ich, I felt it's strange that the curry was only used like gravy on top of all different sort of deep fried stuff.
However, it didn't take long time for me to fell in love with it.

Not like Hawaii, you can barely find any of these great Japanese food in London.(besides ramen)
Which led me to make on my own.

This recipe is depending on my taste bud memory so some of you might disagree.
But I am confident that a lot of you will love this simple, versatile recipe.

<Ingredient 4-6 people>

oil 1Tbsp (vegetable or butter)
minced garlic 1/2 Tbsp
onion 1/2
carrot 1/2
water 600ml
HP sauce or A1 original sauce 1Tbsp
organic raw sugar 1Tbsp
salad onion for topping

Your choice of topping which can be,
deep fried pork cutlet,
grilled vegetables,
shabu shabu meat ...

And of course, our beloved rice.
I used white and sweet brown rice mix.


1. Add oil in the pot on medium low heat, add minced garlic, carrot, onion and cook until onion shows light brown color.

2. Add 600ml water, lid on, cook for 15min.

3. Turn off the heat, use hand blender or mixer to blend "2"

4. Bring "3" back to  low heat, add 100g of curry block. Stir well until the block completely melt in the soup.

5. Add HP sauce and sugar, stir well.

6. Add rice and desired topping on the plate, pour curry sauce and sprinkle salad onion on top.


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